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Small and Medium size Enterprises SME Consulting

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

SME Global Business Consulting

Principal & Founder Carl E Harris, Sr.

Executive Summary

SME Global Business Consulting is a consulting company, providing business services to small to medium enterprise organizations. The Principal and Founder has earned a Doctoral Degree in Business Administration-emphasis in public administration and public private partnerships. Additionally, the Founder has earned an MBA in business management and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-emphasis in marketing. Professional experience spans 25 years-including Director of Business Development, Head Organizer, Sales Manager and Sales Consultant.

Our business model is to serve the communities we have worked in for more than a quarter century, as a business that supports other businesses. SME Global Business Consulting strategies can increase market share and develop competitive advantages. By leveraging, collective experience and education we help emerging and mature organizations flourish in a constantly changing business environment, where the economy is knowledge based. Additionally, SME Global is a subject matter expert in public private partnerships (PPP)s and can provide support and services for public private projects.

SME Global Business Consulting has the expertise and experience to provide support and service with administrative management. Management often defined as the process of directing and guiding employees to accomplish tasks. However, business administration plays a vital role in the development of business and industry.

SME Global Business Consulting offers a free initial consultation, and if retained can provide a fully embedded or remote consultation.

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