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Image by Adeolu Eletu

Capability Statements

  • Core Competencies

    • National University Doctoral Degree Business Administration, Specialty Public Administration 2023

    • Northcentral University MBA Management 2019

    • University of Missouri-St. Louis BSBA 1991

  • Business Management, Strategic Community Engagement and organizing, Business Research

  • Capacity: More than 12 years in project management. Research methodologies and applications. Key equipment includes computers, data analysis software and Micro-Soft office apps

  • Staff: 1 to 6 employees depending on project

  • Conventional financing to finance proposal development and quotes and projects.

  • We mitigate risk by taking projects that match our core competence.

  • Past performance:

    • Over a quarter century work in business development, sales and leadership and management.

    • More than four years focused on qualitative and quantitative business research and analysis

    • Over 30 years socially, politically and economically engaged in the local community

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